Doc Middleton Films

Bringing the outlaw to life in Documentary and Narrative films.

He was a man of many names: James M. Riley, David C. Middleton, ‘Texas’ Jack Lyons, and ‘Gold-Tooth’ Charley among others. None however, gained such notoriety as Doc Middleton. As a notorious figure he was different from many of the folk heroes of the American West, Doc didn’t want gold, glory, justice or vengeance. He just wanted to survive. In many ways, Doc represents the death of the Old West and the dawn of a new, modern era. This project has been a labor of love for many years. A big thank you to everyone involved with this little documentary. My hope is to continue to tell Doc's story in bigger and better ways.
The Robin Hood of the old west finds death in every corner.
Converse County Historian, Steve Gregersen discusses Doc Middleton passing away at the 'pest house' in Douglas, Wyoming.
Platte County Historian, Tim Benson tells his family story of acquiring Doc Middleton's Colt .45 revolver.
Editor David Sands takes a note from Robert Altman and cuts in homage to 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller'.
Using decades old footage, editor Zachary Armstrong cuts this in the style of 'A Clockwork Orange'.